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No need to worry about that stuff these days with a branching version control system like Mercurial or Git. Any new feature can just be built on it’s own independent branch of the code and then merged into the main code-base only when ready.

@yannlossouarn, that mock up in the original post looks like a good start, but it also appears to be gigantic. I’m not yet familiar with Qt or how or if such a window would adjust to different screen resolutions, but I’d be concerned that it may not fit on a lower resolution screen.


What is the minimal resolution we shall be compatible with? At this point, I achieved compiling a version with a “Welcome screen…” menu item, that displays the welcome screen, I can try compiling a version for your platform if you want to check.


16:9 is the current standard ratio.
Within that ratio, looking at the charts (with data from 2010!) on wikipedia,
it looks like 1280x720 is a good guestimate for the the minimum resolution.


At this point, the welcome screen size is 828x563 pixels.


I would like to see the my-pattern.cloud tool linked to on a welcome page



Hello @slspencer thank you for the great job you’re doing with Seamly2d. I absolutely love it! As an aside, can you point me in the direction of the patternmaking system you refer to? Perhaps there is a book that explains it fully?


I am not sure if you have a specific patternamking system in mind, but here is a link to the wiki page that contains information about several books on patternmaking. Any of these systems can be used to create a pattern using the Seamly2d program.



Hello @kmf, thank you for responding. I do know a number of patternmaking systems. My question to @slspencer was with respect to what she said about a patternmaking system that takes care of the bust cup size in situ. I’d love to learn about that system.


@LordRey, obviously I didn’t understand. I too would like to hear from @slspencer about what system that is because cup size adjustments is an are that I have issues with in my sewing


Hi @LordRey,
Have you tried Esther Pivnick’s method? It’s an unusual method, yet it fits the bust using the highbust and bust measurements and doesn’t require adjustments. It’s from the 1950’s, but still available through Amazon, Abebooks, Bookfinder4u, etc:

How to Design Beautiful Clothes


Thank you @slspencer.

I’ll search out the book and add her methods to my ever growing patternmaking system reservoir.:grinning: