Measurement Diagrams



Hi, all. I just edited the wiki to add a download of an eleven page PDF I made up as a printable measurement package. If y’all could look at it and make some corrections/suggestions, I’d appreciate it. (I added ‘J11 - Bustpoint to Neck Front’ to it.)

Valentina Printable Measurement Diagram


is the procedure that you used to create the printable measurement diagram something that could be automated? I am concerned about the possibility of propagating more than one set of measurements. if a measurement gets added to valentina and to tape I would hope it also gets added to this pdf. Other than that concern, I find the printable measurement diagram useful. Have you also seen discussions on the creation of a TAPE application that would run on a smaller platform, like a cell phone or tablet (probably android and iphone, possibly others)

  1. It can and should be, but I lack the knowledge and skills to do so.
  2. It has been discussed, but nobody has stepped up to do so.


If there’s an update, I would love to have a measurement neck-back to bustpoint :slight_smile: I can work around with J09/2, but it still would be nice.


Use (bustpoint_to_bustpoint_halter / 2) .
Half-measurements are difficult to replicate, they’re inaccurate when using a tape measure.
The recommended way to get this measurement is to take the full measurement then divide by two.   bustpoint_to_bustpoint_halter  


Yes, that’s the one I meant. I need to look how I get this one into my construction. Right now my brain is kind of diffuse :slight_smile: To much construction of the sleeve; but taking just a part of a spline in a draft on PC is so much easier than to measure a curve on paper with a tape… :wink:



do yo join this mesurement?


Hi, no, you don’t do this measurement in one step. 10 is the measurement "bustpoint to shoulder center - J10’ and 11 is “bustpoint to neck front - J11” and are used by different patternmaking methods. So they are individual measurements that only get added together in a formula if the pattern requires them to be added together.


Thank you for your very helpful work. I use it to transpose terms and their descriptions from different pattern drawing method.


Hi, just a question is it possible to add your own measurement sketch to a custom measurement?


No, it’s currently not possible. :disappointed_relieved:


Thanks Grace. Would be a great feature I think. I am better with visual memory.


You may make the suggestion if you wish :grinning:


Ok were is a good place to make suggestions?


Create a new thread and make the title “Suggestion”. Give a complete description of what you are suggesting and why you are suggesting it. Add images if you can.

The programmers will see it and perhaps add it to their plans for the program in the future or reply to you accordingly.